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Building the Realms of the Fair Folk

Buildings and gardens, and other architectural features in the realm of the Fair Folk can be looked at as normal material structures. They also can be seen as currents of light in a realm of light. A building could be seen as made of white fire - as a structure composed of walls and floors within the bonfire of light. The more spiritual view of the world of the Fair Folk is of complex currents of energy within a great and glowing ball of light.

The energies are shaped by thought. There is no need for architectural engineers. What is required is for artists to be skilled in the art of manipulating light. The Fair Folk's artists know intuitively which aspects will balance and harmonize, and which ones will cause imbalance and throw off the harmony of a building, or a garden, or a sculpture. These are not calculated mathematically, but by direct intuitive perception of the waves of which the light is composed. It might be equivalent to perceiving structures such as people or buildings in the material world as composed of atomic structures, or smaller patterns of energy, and knowing how to best fit together the small shapes to form attractive larger structures.

Gardeners and architects, who are also sometimes mages, know the principles of the flowing river of light, and can shape them to their ends. A building such as a castle, runs with light through its walls and floors but the light is only directly visible in the fireplaces.

To become an artists among the fair folk, it is necessary for the individual to learn a new medium of creativity. The artist needs to learn to work with the medium of light.

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