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We hope that this site has increased awareness of a distant race that human beings have had a great deal of interaction with in the past. Perhaps it will help those searching for a link to their Celtic history regain a sense of relatedness to a time long ago when he human race and the Fair Folk lived in relative harmony and with mutual respect.

This site also presents a relatively coherent view of the society of the Fair Folk which stands in contrast to the piecemeal and chaotic view offered by the mythology and folklore available from many sources today.

This site is being continually updated as more material becomes available. Please revisit it in the future to gain more information on the Fair Folk.

Introduction | History | Manannan Mac Lir | Merlin | Taliesin | Building the Realms of the Fair Folk | Lir and Danu | Lugh and the Morrigan | Anya, Daughter of Manannan | Manannan's Ocean Kingdom | Aengus, The Poet God of Love and Romance | The Ancient Roads to the Fair Folk | Manannan's Horses | The Society of the Fair Folk | The Place of Transformation | Traveling Between the Worlds | Research Methodology | Conclusion


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