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The Society of the Fair Folk

My guide says,

As you know, our people have two gods. Our King is Manannan who has the power and depth of the sea. Our Queen is Fand, who controls, channels and limits that power. She is playful and flirtatious, and like the waves of the sea, always new and different. She is compassionate to all.

Though they are our gods, in the larger sense, they did not create the universe. Our universes die and are reborn through the waves of infinite time. They grow, they peak, they degenerate, they are destroyed, and they are recreated. We live long but we may die, and take on another body, or be destroyed when the universe is destroyed, and come back transformed. We may travel spiritually between different worlds by means of chants and visualizations.

Time is circular for us, and we are in a period of degeneration in which it becomes harder to contact the gods, and travel spiritually. We fear neither birth nor death, for both are a part of the endless transformations of the universe. One need only know how to move from one area of the universe to another.

In the beginning, there was white light, and then golden light. Together, they emanated a rainbow of lights which became universes. In each, the white and golden lights were manifest as a king and a queen. In the worlds of aquamarine light, they became our rulers, and had many descendents and adventures.

Each of these rainbow colors is the light of a set of worlds, each with it own creator deity or deities, sacred stories, artistry, and cultural organization. We rarely communicate with others within these worlds. Indeed each rainbow color universe has its own sub-rainbows, worlds within worlds. Our world is part of the green of living things, as is the earth world.

However, we have more of the blue of spirit, while earth has more of the yellow of the sun, and the red of passion and instinct. Our passions are usually more muted, thus the emphasis on pale colors. However, our kings, heroes, and passionate women dress brightly. They form nature into jewelry, wearing plants and animals formed of silver and gold, and may shift forms to imitate loved pets.

While we normally have stable forms, we can shift forms if we choose. This is often done by our young people who seek original and creative identities. People in the physical world change clothes or cosmetics. We have people who change species. Rebellion is easy here - you just decide to become someone else.

However in a society with this much freedom, there is little rebellion. People generally respect their ancestors and lineage, as well as their gods. Because those in our society live off light, there are no extremes of wealth and poverty - indeed there is no currency or any form of money. There are no stores. We generate what we need though there are a few specialists who can make things for others.

There is little destructive energy here, for we are not warlike. However we occasionally have children who have more of the warrior personality, and they are trained to be our defenders and heroes. On the rare occasions where we have conflicts with others, they get to show their strength and stamina.

We have little problem with the preoccupations of the human race - evil and death. We do not have poverty and wealth, or death and disease, or lack of space. Those who feel poor can generate piles of food and gold. Those who feel ugly can make themselves beautiful. We live on light and do not own land, so we do not fight over land. There is occasional conflict over marriage, but our marriages are temporary, and people can always find new mates if they choose. Temporary liaisons by our young people are not condemned since they are understood as experiments.

The creation of children requires a conscious decision by both parents, as the outpouring of light required to create a child does not occur spontaneously. Because death is rare, birth is also rare. We have children to incarnate specific souls, mostly those of our ancestors who have been traveling and have now returned to us. It is not like childbirth on earth where nobody knows who will turn up.

Because we are not physical beings, we do not have disease and old age. Death is a transition, which is generally voluntary. Ours is not a world of suffering but rather a world of creativity. We sympathize with the suffering of those in the physical world but that is the price of having a body. This is why Merlin, our missionary mage, came to earth to teach people of the happier worlds of the Fair Folk.

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