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The Water Maidens of Healing

The Water Maidens speak:

We are the Fair Folk of the waters, and we live in sacred pools and holy wells. Sometimes we are called by the names of the saints, and sometimes by the names of the dead, but we are neither. We are the intermediaries between the distant palaces of our people, and the lands of human dwelling. We carry messages and bring healing.

We are the bright side of the spirits of the water. Sometimes we are called nymphs or undines, or even mermaids. But we are not these beings, nor are we the representatives of destruction, the sirens. We do not lure people to their deaths. We bring peace and hope.

When people come to pools and wells, and bring offerings and say prayers, we listen to their concerns. It is rare that people can see us, but sometimes they can get a glimpse of our light. We are then seen through the images of their faith - as the Lady of the Lake, or the Goddess of Land and Sea, or Mary the Queen of Heaven, or the virgin or saint who lived in the neighboring town. Light can take on any image projected upon it, and we are open to appearing however people choose to see us. As spirits of ponds and wells, we tend to be seen in female form, just as the gods of the sky and deep water tend to be male.

We sing of bathing the soul in the light, eliminating fear, and bringing holy healing. Our songs weave bands of light into a shawl of protection, a blanket of bright warmth, or a cloak of rest and quiet. We heal the anxious mind, the heart in fear, the enraged and desirous soul, and the person caught in ignorance and confusion. Much illness is based on terror, and we heal the fear of past and future. We bring insight into the vastness of history, where the individual's fears and desires are tiny threads in a vast tapestry. People are not alone. They are part of a greater story encompassing all of life. We include all - their ancestors, heroes, and gods. The pressure of being alone, and being totally responsible for their own lives and the lives of others is dissolved when they can see themselves as part of a greater whole.

People in distress are bathed in the light, of new hope and compassion. They are shown that their problems are less important than they thought. They are shown the vast story of life and death, and they can find themselves a place within it.

People see us in the way that they choose. But who are we really? We are members of Manannan's people, the Fair Folk of the waters, and we follow the values of love, beauty, and creativity. We create treasures in the waters of deep blue opal. We weave blankets of healing that look like rainbows, and we dance in the form of young women with gracefully draped robes. We bring the jewels of peace and insight, and leave them where worthy people can find them.

We maintain connections over lives which may be seen symbolically as long threads like those hanging from the man-of-war jellyfish. These filaments brush against those who we heal in life after life. We have touched them in previous lives, and we will meet them again. Each encounter is new and different, and each brings growth and change.

Our blessings are subtle and not immediately apparent. We take on pain, and it slowly dissolves into the waters. We listen to people's problems, and their burdens are lightened. We bath souls in the light, and they shine more brightly.

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